Total Triage

We have some exciting news to share about a big change in how you will make appointments with us – we’re moving to a new system called Total Triage (the exact date is still to be decided, but it’s likely to happen early in 2024).

Total Triage is a way to make it easier for you to see a doctor when you need to. It is recommended by NHS England and has three important parts:

  1. Care Navigation: We want most people to contact us through our website. There, you’ll answer a short questionnaire about what you need. If you call us, our trained receptionists will ask you the same questions or help you do it online. This helps us figure out the best way to help you and direct you to the right person.
  2. Total Triage: If you have a medical issue, an experienced doctor will review your request. They’ll decide who on our team can help you best, when you should have an appointment, and whether it should be in person or over the phone. If it’s urgent, we might ask you a few more questions online to prioritize your care. Sometimes, you might see other healthcare professionals like our nurse or physiotherapist after talking to the doctor.
  3. Face-to-face Appointments: We know some things are best dealt with in person. Total Triage helps us use in-person appointments wisely, so we can see the right patients at the right time. But we’ll still be available over the phone for things that can be sorted out that way.

How Does This Help You?

We know change can be hard, but Total Triage has lots of benefits for you:

  • Quick Access to Care: It reduces waiting times, so we can take care of your medical needs faster.
  • Convenience: You can talk to us from home or work, without traveling to the doctor’s office for simple questions.
  • Better Patient Experience: It improves communication, making sure you see the right person to help you quickly.
  • Keeping Up with Technology: We are using the latest technology to make sure you get the best care possible.

What If I Have Trouble Using the New System?

We are here to help you get used to the new way of reaching us. If you can’t use the online system, we will give you extra support. Our team is ready to guide you through these changes. If you have questions or concerns, just let us know. You can also join our Patient Participation Group if you want to be more involved.